Behrens did not own a sea, 2013

Mazescape, London 2012

My grandad just came back from the war, Krakow 2012

The train journey breakdown, London 2012

Emergency call from the loneliest whale, London 2012

I read a story about the loneliest whale in the world; a whale whose song is uniquely higher than other whales, a whale which seemingly speaks its own language and cannot be heard by other whales. Once I was walking the streets of the City of London late at night, and amidst the quiet of empty of!ce buildings I heard a strange and distant voice. Eventually I located this voice coming from the airduct of a nearby building. This communique was repeatedly warning us to evacuate the building. Its presence within the emptiness of this deserted space - its aloneness - reminded me of the whale. Later, in the parking lot of a busy Sunday market, I heard a high pitched, breathy sound; like the wheeze of a broken clarinet. It was an extraordinary sound. It sounded like a whale venting air through its blowhole. It was a strange pneumatic machine operated by a man who I observed on his own, working all day on a Sunday. These sounds isolated him from the soundworld of the city; smothering him. I once again felt a strong sense of solitude within his world; the sounds from his machine completely separated him from the busy activities of the market. ‘Emergency Call From The Loneliest Whale’ poeticises the connections between these three episodes into a sound image.