Tube choir (2011)

Tube choir is a documentation of a performance-intervention in the London Underground.

It is a response to invasive urban noise—in this case the sound of the underground. It aims towards a collective, primitive form of noise cancellation. Each performer is attempting to harmonise or attenuate the harsh mechanical noises produced by the train. Within this there lies an obvious paradox: is the presence of the performers more unsettling to the passengers than the industrial noises to which they have grown accustomed?

Before the performance each member is given a text score which loosely dictates their vocal response to the noises that appeared during the journey. Through this, a system is created by which the train controls the vocal performances of the participants; a situation which is broadly analogous to the relationship of people to mass-transit systems, or urban spaces generally.

The documentation covers performances which took place on 25 May and 1 June 2011. It was presented at final show of the Sound Art Course at UAL, London in June 2011, and at Morley Gallery, London in November 2011.

Download the performace score (PDF)