Echoic memory

A 4-channel audio-video installation ideally presented in a blacked out, silent room, oscillating around the idea of ephemeral, fragmented and non-chronological character of human memory in relation to sound. Sound is regarded as a direct and strong yet ephemeral transmitter. Poznanska wants us to experience the imperfection of our sonic memory, and to become aware of correlations and disconnections between our senses. The work collages series of family ephemera collected between 1958 and 2012, that are notable for showing the relativity and subjectivity of the time and life embraced within one’s memory.

Echoic Memory shows us the ‘superiority of sonic memory in its absence’ and responds to theories that claim that the sonic aspect of reality is too complex for us to be able to store it. We can imprison sound through recording it, storing and listening to it – but we are not able to perform the same sonic action without an external tool.

Premiered at Spor Festival 2013 in Aarhus (Denmark) as a part of Call for Proposals programme; shown at Ohrenhoch, Berlin, between November and December 2013

echoic memory documentary image by Knut Remond
Installation documentation images by Knut Remond, courtesy of ohrenhoch - der Geräuschladen
Video documentation by Knut Remond, ohrenhoch - der Geräuschladen