Raudive surrogate (2012)

A collaboration with Jamie Hamilton, Raudive Surrogate is a work of sonic theatre derived from situations in which we are presented with sound on the threshold of legibility. It uses the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) experiments of Konstantin Raudive as the starting point for a series of music situations combining fragments from sources in which sound involves a deciphering process for transmitting information, and in which technology acts as a host for our own desires.

In a reference to conventional seances a female performer acts as decipherer, arbitrating between medias and sources Using the physical limits of the performer’s capability to speak and listen, as well as distortions and alterations produced through technological intervention, the audience are shown these fragments in a way which requires them to bridge gaps in meaning, and attempt to decipher patterns caused by a filtration of information towards noise, or towards silence.

Photos from the performance